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Bold Yeti is committed to making website migrations as easy as possible even if you're currently hosting with a third-party provider. We can transfer website files, install WordPress, manage databases, write scripts, and even update your DNS information.


Website Evaluation & Backup

During a website migration, we evaluate your site files and server setup to determine the best way to migrate your website to your new servers. As an extra precaution, we take an early backup of your site files to ensure there is no loss during the move. 

Server Cleanup
This is a great time to remove files and scripts that are no longer needed for your website. We also check your server settings and make sure it’s optimized for optimal performance.


New Servers

Next, we’ll set up your new server. This procedure can vary and depends on whether you are hosting with us or a third-party provider of your choosing. In most cases, a server configuration typically involves setting up a fresh environment, creating your htaccess or nginx, and installing any dependencies.

File Transfer
We move over all your files, set up the new databases, and relink everything you have. We make this step seem easier than it is, but it’s actually the longest part of the process. 


Soft Launch

Now that we’ve cleaned up your site files and reloaded and relinked, it’s time for you to review the site so we can prepare for launch! For our soft launch process, we set up a staging URL so you can look over your website and make sure everything is working. We’ll only launch your newly migrated website after your approval.

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