Frequently Asked Questions


What we ARE

We are a small boutique web development studio with a staff of agency veterans. We are focused on using our skill sets to create amazing projects.  We are obsessed with design and development, this is more than just a job for all of us.

What we are NOT

We are NOT a huge agency with a full sales department. We are not a one stop shop for everything. We do not believe that the customer is always right and will not work on something we won’t be proud of.

How much will my website cost?

The short answer: This is a hard question to answer, there are a lot of factors that go into each and every website we do.  We always recommend that you run away from any company who can tell you this without a discovery.

The Long answer:  Head over to our contact page and fill out our contact form so that we can talk to you more about how our pricing works and if we are a good fit.

Why do you cost more than this other company?

Not all web design is equal and we value businesses who understand this. We know we are not a good fit for most people, to be honest, there are a lot of companies that should absolutely stick with cheaper alternatives. We excel at creating high converting beautifully designed websites, the process, time and experience to create these come at a cost.

How fast can you complete my website project?

After working at several agencies and being involved in many different types of web development processes we have found one that works for us and in most cases works for our clients. Our 90-day web development process allows us to maintain certain design standards while allowing you to be involved in each step of the process. Because of this we generally cannot rush projects sooner than this unless under ver specific circumstances.

What coding languages do you use ?

We are primarily a WordPress shop, this means we build our websites in PHP with a MySQL database. All of our websites use a combination of CSS, SCSS, Javascript, Jquery and of course HTML.

Can you guarantee my website gets ranked by Google?

We actively try not to advertise as a Search Engine Optimization company. This is because true SEO services are incredibly difficult and no company can guarantee rankings because it is outside of their control.  We will, however, give you very honest SEO advice and build your website according to googles best search engine optimization best practices.

Do you warranty your websites?

We offer warranty packages for clients who choose to host with us and retain us for maintenance services. This is so that our websites stay up to date and in a stable hosting environment with version control.

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